Monday, 23 November 2015

Youth. Ayrshire skaters, circa '99 - '03?

This is just bits n bobs from one of my old footage tapes and features (before the ramp) in order of appearance: "Cheesey" Paul Hainan, "Ginger" Andy Smyth, Big Gordon (Andy's Cousin), then me.
On Walker's ramp: Craig MacDonald and Big Paul "Doco" Docherty.
After the ramp: Walker Murdoch, Craig MacDonald, Doco, Craig Pirrie, Dominic McWilliams, Wee Sean Revil, Glenn Lyall, David Findlay, and finally Sandy Bingham.
It's obviously mostly just Andy, myself and Sandy which is just down to when it was filmed and those were the guys I skated with most often. The footage tape's labelled "Unedited '99" but the footage stretches a few years. Sorry about the terrible quality, it off an old VHS.